Last Call in 2012: Get your CNU-A Credentials

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Exam Registration Open: October 9 - November 6, 2012

Don't miss the final opportunity of 2012 to register for the CNU-Accreditation exam.

Developed in partnership with the University of Miami School of Architecture, the CNU-Accreditation program seeks to elevate the practice of the principles of New Urbanism. In conjunction with the exam, the University of Miami offers a voluntary, self-paced online course, The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism, which provides preparation for the exam. Since its inception, over 500 CNU members have achieved Accreditation.

More than just a professional mark of achievement, CNU-A has become essential for municipalities and their planning departments. The City of El Paso, Texas now requires companies interested in working for the city to have a CNU-A member assigned directly to the project. As more municipalities look to follow in El Paso’s footsteps, the trend toward compact, urban development grows and the demand for CNU-A increases.

Registration for the exam - as well as the optional University of Miami online prep course, The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism - will be open from October 9 through November 6, 2012, with the next exam scheduled for early 2013.

To register*, please visit the CNU-A homepagefor links to the exam and University of Miami course.

Further information regarding CNU-A can be gleaned from our CNU Accreditation Handbook.

 Design your place. CNU-A.

*Please note, you must be a current CNU member, and logged in to the CNU website to see the exam registration link.*