Livability Solutions to Offer Free Technical Assistance

Communities Must Apply by November 2nd for Sustainability Workshops

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Livability Solutions is a coalition of professionals that works to promote and realize better livability, sustainability, placemaking, and smart growth.  This partnership was initiated by 10 nonprofit organizations, including CNU, as a way to consolidate and coordinate each organization’s tools for easier access to anyone seeking to make a community or region more sustainable. 

Through a grant to Project for Public Spaces from the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Sustainable Communities under their Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Program, Livability Solutions will be offering free technical assistance workshops to 6 to 12 communities around the country, enabling local governments and communities to implement changes that will move them along the road towards smart growth and sustainability. This technical assistance will take the form of one- to two-day workshops, led by one or more of Livability Solutions’ experienced coalition members, focused on one or more unique suite of livability tools.

Workshops are intended to provide communities with strategies to enhance livability, to create lasting economic and environmental improvements, and to effect positive change for their residents. Livability Solutions will focus on helping communities reach a tipping point or overcome a significant hurdle to reaching a particular livability or sustainability goal. Coalition members will work with selected communities to identify the tool or palette of tools that will best help them achieve their livability and sustainability goals, building off of each community’s unique character, culture, creativity, and effort. A short report will be prepared for each community following the technical assistance, and communities receiving technical assistance will be asked to follow up one month and nine months after receiving technical assistance to report on their progress toward objectives set during the assistance.

Learn more by viewing the slides from the Livability Solutions webinar

Click here for the details on eligibility, selection criteria and more.