The News from CNU 20

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It hasn't even been one week since the Closing Plenary and already CNU 20 is one of the most talked/tweeted/blogged/written-about Congresses ever. 

Read complete coverage from the CNU Live Blog, see members' posts on the CNU Salons, recap the #cnu20 Twitter conversation, and read the round-up of the (still-emerging) press clips from the links below: 

Media Partners Coverage (all media partners also simulcast CNU 20 live-streams)

Sustainable Cities Collective:

"Design Can't Save Us, But We Can Save Through Design" - Kristen Jeffers

"Live from CNU 20: The Economic Benefits of Good Urbanism" - Henry Spethmann

"The New World at CNU 20: A Storified Post" - Henry Spethmann

"Social Media and the City" - Atul Sharma

"Live from CNU 20: Tactical Urbanism and Next Gen" - Henry Spethmann

Next American City:

"In New Urbanism's Inner Sanctum, a Rift Goes Public" - Erin Chantry

"Strong Towns, Street Plans and Stroads" - Craig Chester

"Bright Minds, Human-Scaled City" - Tony Garcia

"Placemaking the Airport on the Way to West Palm Beach" - Kristen Jeffers

Engaging Cities:

"The Past & Future of Tactical Urbanism: A Conversation with Mike Lydon" - Evan Carver

"Charrettes and the Next Generation of Public Involvement" - Evan Carver

Additional CNU 20 Press:

"Dawning Points and Tipping Points" - Steve Mouzon, Original Green

"Combating the Healthcare Epidemic" - Jason Harper, Metropolis Magazine

"Shootout at the New Urbanism Conference" - Erin Chantry, New Geography

"CNU 20: New Urbanism Suffers Some Young Adult Angst" - Robert Reep, New Geography

"Urbanism is a Misnomer" - Tracy Davis, City Commons

"My Big Fat New Urbanism Conference Rundown, Part One" - Chris Turner, Mother Nature Network

"My Big Fat New Urbanism Conference Rundown, Part Two" - Chris Turner, Mother Nature Network

"Miami's Suburbs in the Sky" - Craig Chester, Transit Miami

"A Transit Miami Conversation with James Howard Kunstler" - Transit Miami

"Snagging Gen-Y: Do Facebook Ads Work in Public Engagement?" - Scott Doyon, Placeshakers

"This Just in from CNU 20: World Not Yet Saved" - Ben Brown, Placeshakers

"Mixed-Use Development Makes More Sense for Cities" - Jacky Grimshaw, CNT

"New Urbanism and the Future of Real Estate Development in Brazil" - Miami Urbanist

"CNU 20 Report: DIY Urbanism" - Andy Boenau, Urban Times

"CNU 20 Report: Stroad, the Futon of Design Options" - Andy Boenau, Urban Times

"Notes from CNU 20" - Nathaniel Hood

"New Urbanists are Open People and Other Lessons from the Congress for the New Urbanism" - Streetsblog LA

"Still Standing Amid the Wreckage" - James Howard Kunstler, Portland Daily Sun

"At the 20th Congress for the New Urbanism, a Movement Feels Its Age" - Anthony Flint, The Atlantic Cities

"New Urbanism's Pivot Point" - Street Sense

"New Urbanism is Trumping the Suburbs" - Jeff Ostrowski, Palm Beach Post

"Housing Economist Sees New Urbanism as Little More than a Niche Product" - Jeff Ostrowski, Palm Beach Post

"Why More Free Content Means You Can't Miss CNU 21" - Eliza Harris, My Urban Generation

"Mayor Enters New Urbanist Lion's Den" - Paul Bass, New Haven Independent 

"Mayor DeStefano: New Haven Downtown Crossing Plan Should Move Forward" - New Haven Register

"Live from CNU 20!" - Mark Schreiber, Jetson Green Magazine

"Debate: Mechanical vs Passive Strategies" - Mark Schreiber, Jetson Green Magazine

"New Haven Mayor Butts Heads with New Urbanists" - Phil Langdon, Better! Cities and Towns

"Jane Jacobs-style Density is Best for Cities, Florida Says" - Rob Steuteville, Better! Cities and Towns

"At 20, CNU Gets Fresh Look" - Planetizen

"New Urbanists Duke It Out with Mayor Over Expressway Conversion" - Planetizen


"West Palm Beach Ho!" 

"New Urbanism Needs a Re-Boot"

"What the New Retail Revolution Means for Building Vibrant Communities"

"The Creative Class Meets New Urbanism"

"Krier Decries Kitsch, Inhumane Scale of Modernism"

"Americans Need to Drive Less, Walk More"


"CNU 20 Recap" 

"CNU 20, Day 2"

"CNU 20, Day 3"

"CNU 20, Day 4"


"CNU 20: Final Reflections"

"Reflections on My Morning with Leon Krier"

"Clearer Thinking: Urbanism + Transit"

"Building a Culture of Bike Safety" 

"Functional Classification to Realizing Complete Streets for Everyone"

"Why Did We Stop Walking and How Do We Start Again?"

"Space, the First but Not the Final Frontier"

"Looking Forward: New Urbanism and the New World"

"CNU 20: The New World in West Palm Beach"


Stay tuned for more press clips, videos, podcasts and other media from CNU 20 coming soon...