Health Districts

New Initiative Advances Urban Design and Planning Criteria for Health Districts and Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Facilities

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As the true health impacts of our auto-oriented communities emerge, the relationship between our trusted healthcare institutions and the patterns of development that they follow have significant consequence. Concerned with requirements for safety, efficiency and security, health facilities have grown in size and scale throughout the twentieth century, often at the expense of walkability and livability and a connection to the surrounding neighborhoods. The Health Districts initiative aims to address these issues at this critical juncture in our national healthcare debate. The focus is shifting to disease prevention and much of this can be accomplished through better planning.

Livable, walkable neighborhoods are a critical component of healthy neighborhoods and of Health Districts - districts that contain one or multiple health facilities. With assistance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). David Green, Basak Alkan and colleagues from Perkins+Will, Joanna Lombard from University of Miami and CNU leadership, this initiative will work to advance urban design and planning criteria for Health Districts and, in particular, for Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities. These criteria will focus on promoting a healthy built environment that benefits patients, patients’ families, health care staff and neighbors. 

For more on CNU's latest initiative, please visit the Health Districts webpage.

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