CNU-A Winter Registration Opens February 14th

Get your CNU-A Credentials Now and Stand Out in the Marketplace!

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In partnership with the University of Miami School of Architecture, CNU has developed a certification program for members that distinguishes them as CNU-Accredited. CNU-A is an impressive way for members to highlight their expertise and knowledge of New Urbanist principles and stand out among the many planners, architects and designers in the marketplace.

The CNU-A distinction is achieved by passing the CNU/University of Miami Accreditation Exam, for which winter registration opens Tuesday, February, 14th. Registration for the exam - as well as the optional University of Miami online prep course,  The Principles and Practice of New Urbanism - is open through March 6th, 2012.

Be sure to check the CNU-A homepage for registration links to the exam and University of Miami course come Tuesday, February 14th.

Further information regarding CNU-A can be gleaned from our CNU Accreditation Handbook.

 Design your place. CNU-A.

Benefits of Accreditation

  • Provides a marketable credential to employers and clients
  • Listing on CNU Member Directory as CNU-Accredited
  • CNU-Accredited Professional Certificate
  • Optional Innovation Credit in LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND)**

Requirements of Accreditation

  • Pass the CNU / University of Miami Exam
  • Maintain active CNU Membership status at an Urbanist level or higher
  • Attend at least one CNU, CNU-Chapter, or CNU-A Continuing Education Partner event (minimum one day duration) every year.

Accreditation Exam: Registration and Access

Winter Exam

Exam Registration begins: February 14, 2012
Exam Registration concludes: March 6, 2012
Exam begins: May 24, 2012
Exam concludes: June 7, 2012

University of Miami: Course Registration and Access

Winter Course
Course Registration begins: February 14, 2012
Course Registration concludes: March 6, 2012
Course begins: March 8, 2012
Course concludes: May 24, 2012