CNU's Sustainable Street Network Principles

CNU's Project for Transportation Reform Readies to "#occupy TRB" with Publication of Long-Awaited Booklet

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The Congress for the New Urbanism has long recognized that the street network is a fundamental part of human civilization because it serves as the setting for both commerce and culture. For the first time, CNU has compiled a set of principles and key characteristics of the sustainable street network into a document that is practical, inspirational, and beautifully illustrated.

The CNU Sustainable Street Network Principles, a product of the CNU Project for Transportation Reform, is being released to coincide with the Transportation Research Board’s annual event in Washington D.C. on January 22, 2011. The Principles have been crafted through nearly a decade of CNU member discussion, research, and involvement. The Principles are a must-have for every traffic engineer, urban designer, urban planner, and engaged urban citizen. They outline not only why sustainable street networks are essential to a vibrant and healthy society, but also what makes a street network sustainable in the first place.

For too long, guidance for street design has emphasized free-flowing mobility for the automobile over the needs of the pedestrian, the cyclist, and other modes of transportation. This conventional thinking has come at the expense of the quality of our environment and the commercial success of our cities. The CNU Sustainable Street Network Principles place the historic function of streets for all citizens front and center and makes a case for good, traditional urbanism that is impossible to ignore. 

CNU is debuting these Principles at TRB because the conventional model for traffic engineering often discourages and in many cases prohibits the very things that make a street network functional for all users--not merely those of private automobiles.  CNU will "Occupy TRB" with a booth during the conference from January 22-26, 2012,  and an exhibitor reception on Sunday, January 22, 2012 from 4-7pm. CNU CEO & President John Norquist will make the "case for congestion" and lead discussions outlining CNU's Project for Transportation Reform. Visit the booth for the debut of the illustrated version of the CNU Sustainable Street Network Principles, re-engage with the work behind the CNU/ITE Urban Thoroughfares Manual, and discuss the latest on CNU's Highways-to-Boulevards initiative. Help CNU #occupyTRB by following along on Twitter, adding your voice to the conversation by using the hashtag "#occupyTRB" and contributing to the Tweetstream of CNU impacting TRB.

Read the Sustainable Street Networks Principles now.