CNU's New Year's Resolutions

Support CNU Enact Effective Change in 2012

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At a time when policy seems frozen, CNU is breaking through political gridlock in advancing bipartisan reforms that deliver market-based improvements to the economy, the environment and public health. In 2012, CNU will continue to enact on-the-ground change by:

  • transforming road and street design standards away from the anti-urban, high-speed vehicular-focus of the Functional Classification System. Through our Highways-to-Boulevards initiative and CNU's Project for Transportation Reform, CNU is working to invigorate and vitalize streets by connecting networks, transit, sidewalks and placemakers that add value to the economy and culture of communities. Just this past week, CNU released our long-awaited guide to street networks, the Sustainable Street Network Principles, to coincide with our "#occupyTRB" exhibit at the 91st Annual TRB Conference in Washington D.C.

  • relaxing or eliminating the federal financing restrictions that discriminate against the mixing of uses in residential buildings with a commercial component. It is time to allow investment to respond to market demand and allow for the rebuilding of Main Streets. Working with our coalition partners such as the Center for Neighborhood Technology, the National Association of Home Builders, the National Town Builders Association, the National Association of Realtors, among many others, CNU is leading the charge to jump-start economic recovery with our Live/Work/Walk: Removing Obstacles to Investment initiative. Read the recent Forbes article about our kick-off event in downtown Chicago for this initiative.  

We need your support to move forward our goals for 2012. 

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