Living Streets Manual steps out in Los Angeles

CNU Members Play Integral Part in Ryan Snyder & Associates-led Effort

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The Model Design Manual for Living Streets for Los Angeles has officialy been released.  The book takes the best advances in critical details like lane width, speed, street networks, transit, streetscape ecosystems and universal pedestrian access and applies to the street network across Los Angeles county.

Ryan Snyder and Associates coordinated an all star cast of new urbanists and Complete Streets experts to pull together the best recommendations from street design manuals, including the CNU/ITE Urban Thoroughfares manual.

CNU Board members Norman Garrick, former CNU staff member Ellen Greenberg , CNU Planning Director Heather Smith, and  AECOM staff and former West Palm Beach traffic engineer Ian Lockwood led the writing of the Sustainable Street Network Chapter. (Click here to read an interview with Smith and Garrick during the writing process.)

The Manual was created during a 2-day writing workshop, which brought together many national experts in sustainable streets concepts. This effort was funded by the Department of Health and Human Services through the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation.

The manual’s easily digestible format with clear graphics allows citizens or engineers alike to use it for a neighborhood, thoroughfare or local street.   The manual makes a compelling public health case for streets that permit narrower lane widths, slower speeds, and allow pedestrian, bike and transit activity to flourish. 

Download the manual here. Spread the word about this great resource, and if you work at a municipality or county encourage its adoption and support LA’s leadership!