CNU-A Continuing Education Provider Program kicks off August 1, 2011

Members To Be Offered More Educational Opportunities Through Expansion of CNU-A Program

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The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is excited to announce an expansion of the CNU-Accreditation program. Begun in 2009 in partnership with the University of Miami School of Architecture, CNU-A is an established, professional accreditation program that recognizes the talent within the New Urbanist movement.

Since its inception, the CNU Accreditation program has required all participants to attend regular educational events to further advance their understanding of the practice and principles of New Urbanism. For the past two years these educational opportunities have been restricted to CNU and CNU Chapter events. Now, with almost 400 active CNU-Accredited members, CNU has decided to expand the continuing education component of CNU-A and will launch the CNU-A Continuing Education Provider Program on August 1, 2011.

The primary goal of the CNU-A Continuing Education Provider Program is to expand the available continuing education options available to CNU-A members, thereby making it easier to maintain CNU-A status. CNU-A Continuing Education Providers help members fulfill that goal by offering one or more New Urbanism-related education events per year. CNU-A Continuing Education Providers will be listed on the CNU-Accreditation webpage and will have their events listed on CNU’s calendar.

We are pleased to announce the pilot phase of this program with two distinguished partners, Placemakers and the Form Based Codes Institute.  Check the CNU-A Continuing Education Providers page often as more partners are approved for participation.

Revised Accreditation Requirements

- Pass the CNU / University of Miami Exam

- Maintain active CNU Membership status

- Attend at least one CNU-approved educational event (minimum one day duration) every year

More Information

For further information regarding CNU-A and the CNU-A Continuing Education Provider Program, please visit

CNU welcomes the following providers to the CNU-A Continuing Education Program.

PlaceMakers's mission is to bring the wisdom of traditional placemaking to the community-building challenges of the new economy.

The FBCI mission is to advance the knowledge and use of, and develop standards for, Form-Based Codes as a method to achieve a community vision based on time-tested forms of urbanism.

The Center for Applied Transect Studies (CATS) promotes understanding of the built environment as part of the natural environment, through the planning methodology of the rural-to-urban transect. CATS supports interdisciplinary research, publication, tools and training for the design, coding, building and documentation of resilient transect-based communities.