New Interactive CNU 19 Call for Input

Share, Comment, and Vote for CNU 19 Ideas

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It might seem like a long way off, but we are already gearing up for CNU 19 in Madison, WI June 1-4, 2011. Drawing on Madison's close relationship with its agricultural neighbors and its in-town agricultural resources -- as well as its bustling bike networks, home-grown bicycling industry and its abundance of neighborhood character -- CNU 19 will build on the theme of "Growing Local." Madison's balance of urban and rural life creates an engaging and stimulating context for considering models for regional growth that are in tune with an age that demands and rewards greater sustainability, energy efficiency, livability and public health.

In the past we have created a call for ideas survey that gives our members and partners the chance to share their ideas for the next Congress. While this process has resulted in some outstanding ideas and has helped make the annual Congress the success that it always is, we are taking the process to the next level. This year, your ideas won't just go into a box to await further evaluation.

A new interactive platform will make your suggestions visible to other CNU members, who can comment and vote on them. And you can comment and vote on their suggestions. We love this system because it allows for a more transparent process and gives all CNU members an opportunity to make their voice heard. Although ideas that rise to the top will attract the most notice from the program committee, that committee will still have the responsibility of using your input to build a diverse and dynamic program. The process is already a huge success, but we need everyone to help us out. Let’s all make CNU 19 the best Congress yet.

You can submit your ideas about people you want to hear, sessions you want to see, and overall goals you think the Congress could achieve. We would like to hear all of your ideas, but they should relate to the Growing Local theme. You’ll have to give us your e-mail address and create a new password so we know the idea belongs to you.

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