CNU 18 offers routes to economic health

New Urbanism 202s focus on development, recovery

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While CNU 18 New Urbanism: Rx For Healthy Places offers something for every New Urbanist, this year’s a href="" target="_blank">New Urbanism 202 advanced sessions should be of particular interest to developers since they offer a (pedestrian-friendly, of course) road to recovery.

Among this year’s NU 202 sessions, discover how to Resusciate, Reposition, and Regenerate – Development Strategies to Survive the Recession, learn ”Coding” for LEED for Neighborhood Development, and take home the latest Innovations in Comprehensive Planning.

“After years on the back burner, comprehensive plans are attracting interest and support. Communities know comp plans can put them in front for government and foundation grants,” says John Norquist, CNU’s president and CEO. “For example, the new HUD Sustainability grants are likely to favor communities with well designed comp plans.”

“ ‘Innovations in Comprehensive Plans’ is an opportunity to learn from one of the best comp planners in the nation, Gianni Longo,” Norquist says.

Check out the full list of New Urbanism 202 sessions, and register today.