New Session and Speaker Postings: Catch These Thought Leaders and More at CNU 18

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In the past week, details about dozens and dozens of CNU 18 sessions and speakers have gone up on the web.

Now is the time to explore the program so you can be in Atlanta with leading decision-makers and thought leaders behind the movement for healthier, more livable and economically vital communities. They will share insights from their work defining best urban design and development practices, reforming public policy and guiding infrastructure planning to support market-driven, sustainable communities.

To get you started, here are some of those leaders who have written books, pushing the movement for sustainable communities and cities forward, with information on specific sessions where you'll find them at CNU 18.

Douglas Farr, author of Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature, will be discussing “Coding” for LEED for Neighborhood Development.

Shelley Poticha, co-author of StreetSmarts: Streetcars and Cities in the Twenty-First Century, and now Senior Adviser for Sustainable Housing and Communities at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, will be a lead speaker in the Thursday, May 19, plenary on federal policy reform.

Andres Duany, author of The Smart Code Manual and the Smart Code Growth Manual, will be working several different sessions: Saturday Morning Plenary, New Urbanist Updates from Haiti, and Smart Growth 101-999. (Jeff Speck and Mike Lydon will be working with Andres Duany for Smart Growth 101-999.)

In conjunction with Smart Growth 101-999, Mike Lydon, co-author of The Smart Code Manual, will be part of a session on Developing a Manifesto to Spread the Biking Revolution to More Big American Cities.

Ellen Dunham-Jones, author of Retrofitting Suburbia, will be working on three separate sessions: After Urban Sprawl and Public Health, CNU 18 Opening Plenary and Bicycle Diaries Forum, and Where to Go From Here? Rethinking Stalled Suburban Development.

June Williamson, co-author of Retrofitting Suburbia, will be working onthis session.

Lawrence Frank, author of Urban Sprawl and others, will lead two workshops: After Urban Sprawl and Public Health and Innovative Methods for Assessing Health and Climate Impacts. Howard Frumkin will be working with Lawrence Frank on After Urban Sprawl and Public Health.

Richard Jackson, author of Urban Sprawl and Public Health, will be working with Lawrence Frank for After Urban Sprawl and Public Health.

Catherine Ross, author of Megaregions, will be leading a seminar on Transit: TOD session and Lessons from the Beltline.

Lee Sobel, author of Greyfields into Goldfields: Dead Malls Become Living Neighborhoods, will lead Great American Grid.

And John Norquist, author of The Wealth of Cities and president and CEO of the Congress for the New Urbanism, will lead a session on Freeway Teardown.

Be sure to check out this updated list from time to time so you can take advantage of these appearances!