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CNU e-Update
November 2009


  1. CNU News: New Urbanists Make Progress with Fire Code Officials at Baltimore Hearings
  2. CNU News: Miami Takes "Giant Step" Toward Being Pedestrian-Oriented City
  3. Streetsblog: CNU Transportation Summit Raises Bar on Planning for Livable Cities
  4. 10th Anniversary Charter Awards: Save the Date — Submissions Due, January 12, 2010
  5. Call for Academic Papers Reminder
  6. Health Impact Project— Robert Wood Johnson and Pew Charitable Trusts Team Up
  7. What's New @
  8. New Partners for Smart Growth: 2009 Conference — Register Now!
  9. Continuing Education Opportunities

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Lee Crandell — who prepared this blast for the last several years, helped build CNU's chapters network and brought value to its membership program — is leaving CNU to join Chicago’s Active Transportation Alliance. CNU thanks Lee for helping  advance the New Urbanism movement. The chapter parties at our annual Congress have become an important and fun part of the annual meeting. This year in Atlanta, we'll raise a special toast to Lee at the Chapter meet ups.

1. CNU News: New Urbanists Make Progress with Fire Code Officials at Baltimore Hearings

BALTIMORE – CNU's proposed changes to the International Fire Code won a split decision from the International Code Council’s fire code committee today, along with a clear invitation for more dialogue on street design between new urbanists and the fire service.

The committee rejected on a 9-4 vote the proposed code change to Section 503 of the fire code, the passage that currently mandates designated fire access roads have at least 20 feet of clear space (free of parked cars). The requirement can be a factor contributing to wider streets that signal to drivers to travel at faster speeds. If it had been accepted, CNU's proposed language change would have granted fire code officials flexibility to approve streets with less than 20 feet of clear space, depending on factors such as turning radii, connectivity, traffic safety, and the presence of sprinkler systems. Despite dealing the reform team that setback, the committee unanimously approved proposed Appendix K, which offers performance-based guidance to fire code officials on street designs.

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2. CNU News: Miami Takes "Giant Step" Toward Being Pedestrian-Oriented City

Miami made history on Thursday Oct. 22nd by adopting "Miami 21," the most ambitious contemporary zoning code reform yet undertaken by a major U.S. city. After a 4-1 vote by city commissioners, the city will no longer have the conventional zoning code that helped make much of the city chiefly navigable by car and created harsh juxtapositions between new high-rises and existing fabric such as bungalows and small storefront buildings. Replacing it city-wide is a new urbanist form-based code —based on the Smartcode model code template —— that calls for convenient, walkable neighborhoods and gentler transitions between high-intensity and lower-scaled development. The new code known as Miami 21 "promises a healthier city and friendlier walking corridors," reported the Miami Herald in its coverage of the vote. The new code will take effect 120 days after passage.

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3. Streetsblog: CNU Transportation Summit Raises Bar on Planning for Livable Cities

Streetsblog joins a corps of Tweeters to help you follow the reform action from Portland

CNU's 2009 Transportation Summit is off and rolling in Portland, with a truly CNU-style multi-disciplinary gathering of transportation engineers, urban planners, academics, public officials and advocates addressing the huge gap that needs to be filled if these efforts are to succeed: the design and performance of transportation networks.

Almost as soon as insights are shared by expert participants, attendees are broadcasting them on Twitter. And Streetsblog is providing more in-depth coverage, including a great day-one posting. Track the action and expect to hear more from CNU on reform advances at the summit.



4. 10th Anniversary Charter Awards: Save the Date — Submissions Due, January 12, 2010

Watch for a full announcement early next week of the 2010 Charter Awards. And start making plans to submit your projects and give them an opportunity to be part of CNU's 10th Anniversary class of award winners.

Note that Charter Awards submissions will need to be express shipped or postmarked by January 12, 2010.  And here's a sneak peak at this year's extraordinary jury, chaired by double-Charter-Award-winning Charleston developer Vince Graham.

Vince Graham, Jury Chair, Developer, I’On Group, Charleston, South Carolina
Dana Beach, Executive Director, Coastal Conservation League, Charleston, South Carolina
Maggie Connor
, Principal, Urban Design Associates, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Jacky Grimshaw, Vice-President of Policy, Center for Neighborhood Technology, Chicago, Illinois
Elizabeth Moule, Principal, Moule Polyzoides, Pasadena, California
Paul Murrain, Urban Designer and INTBAU Visiting Professor at the University of Greenwich, London, England
Elizabeth “"Boo"” Thomas, President and CEO, Center for Planning Excellence, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Honorable Joseph Riley, Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina


5. Call For Papers Reminder

Remember, the deadline for CNU 18 academic paper submissions is quickly approaching!  Submissions must be completed by December 1, 2009.  Academic papers incorporating themes surrounding the discipline of New Urbanism and the upcoming 2010 Congress—— New Urbanism: Rx for Healthy Places —— will be reviewed for the opportunity to be read at the Congress.

Click to view submission information and details

Deadline is December 1, 2009!


6. Health Impact Project: Robert Wood Johnson and Pew Charitable Trusts Team Up

On October 20th the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Pew Charitable Trusts announced the launch of the Health Impact Project, “a flexible, data-driven approach that identifies the health consequences of new policies, and develops practical strategies to enhance their health benefits and minimize adverse effects.”

With CNU’s 18th annual Congress: Rx for Healthy Places on the horizon, HIA's are making headway in the effort to produce both well planned and healthy urban places.  Learn more about HIA’s, CNU 18 and the Health Impact Project.


7. What's New @

Check out the latest from

CNU Salons: Stuck in Past, Lenders Neglect TOD
As New Urbanism faces challenges from all angles, banks, lenders show apprehension to TOD and pedestrian friendly methodology.

CNU Salons: John Wasik's The Cul de Sac Syndrome: Give it to your lay friends
Learn more about John Wasik's book which deals with America's backwards land use policies and their disastrous effects on our society, environment, infrastructure and health.

New Urbanist Blog
Check out contributions from Athena Award-winning Sinclair Black at a new Austin-based urbanism blog.

CNU Salons: An Indy neighborhood could become a model of smart, green revitalization – so where are the enviros?
The NRDC's Kaid Benfield says an Indianapolis planning project is a reminder that many environmentalists are missing out on the "single best thing we can do for the environment:" thoughtful central-city revitalization. Calendar
Check out upcoming events, such as the National Brownfields Conference, CNU Transportation Summit, and Andres Duaney Smart Code Workshop.

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8. New Partners for Smart Growth: 2009 Conference--Register Now!

The 9th annual New Partner’s Conference will be held on February 4-6, 2010. Register now for opportunity to choose from 95 different sessions and 300 different speakers.  Visit New Partners for prices, a list of speakers and tours.


9. Continuing Education Opportunities

Visit the Form-Based Codes Institute website for details on upcoming courses.

Learn How Form-Based Codes can Transform Cities and Towns: A Recorded Webinar
The ABC's of Form-Based Codes: Special One-Day Introduction
January 27, 2010, St. Petersburg, Florida
March 24, 2010, Kansas City, Missouri

Also visit the National Charrette Institute (NCI) website for upcoming trainings. Current CNU members receive a 10% discount on NCI registration fees for public trainings held in Portland. All NCI trainings in the United States will qualify for AICP credit hours.

NCI Charrette System™ Certificate
Janurary 13-15, University of Miami, FL.
March 8-10, Portland OR.
May 11-13, Arizona State university, Phoenix, AZ.

NCI Charrette Management and Facilitation™ Certificate

March 11-12: Portland OR.
June 10-11: Washington DC
October 14-15: Portland, OR


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