Transportation Summit 2009: Top Reasons to Attend CNU's Summit

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Top Reasons to attend the CNU 2009 Summit:

Come to the 7th annual CNU Transportation Summit in Portland and help break down the silos between engineers and designers!
The CNU Project for Transportation Reform (PTR) was born out of a recognition that traffic engineers, transportation planners, architects, urban designers and elected officials have more in common than it might at first appear. They all share concerns about safety, placemaking, community health and economic vitality. The Project’s first initiative—the CNU/ITE Manual on Context Sensitive Design for Major Urban Thoroughfares—represents an unprecedented collaboration between engineers and designers, and charts a new course in the design of big streets that are walkable and compatible with livable neighborhoods. As that work wraps up (publication as an ITE Recommended Practice is due in early 2010 and communities are eagerly using the draft manual to create major streets that support great urbanism), CNU's PTR is taking on the design of networks. And the CNU Transportation Summit 2009 in Portland from November 4-6, 2009 will be the hub for that groundbreaking work. It’s your chance to get familiar with concepts that will help reshape not only federal policy but reshape transportation planning in your city or town.

Be part of the ground breaking discussion of Sustainable Transportation Networks in Portland
A great deal of attention is given to the design and operation of individual components of a region’s transportation system, but relatively little is given to the network that these facilities constitute. Building on the 2008 CNU Transportation Summit, CNU members have crafted a Statement of Network Principles intended to augment and add detail to the Charter of the New Urbanism. While national legislators and the new administration recognize the value of connected, multi-modal, transit-served networks, CNU understands there is a lot of work to do to clearly define them.

In Portland, urbanists from a range of disciplines will interact with experts in sustainable transportation network design to refine and test these principles. They’ll also explore the many ways to apply them to a range of settings to bring value, sustainability and convenience to communities across the country. You’ll want to be there too, so register for the summit now.

Influence national legislation and help change the way transportation is designed, funded and constructed in the US
The new administration offers unprecedented opportunities to shape transportation policy and CNU has the ear of Washington officials as never before. CNU’s Sustainable Networks principles and standards will be used to shape national legislation and inform investments in transit, transportation, community planning and reduction of greenhouse gases. CNU members are working with the staffs of HUD, DOT and EPA and offering ways to make their partnership more meaningful through specific transportation ideas. Whether it is connections to High Speed Rail, talking to your DOT or building the case for federal support, the summit is your opportunity to help identify key connections these agencies can make together to help address your day to day transportation challenges.

Find out if Portland is as good as they say…..
Portland demonstrates some of the country’s best practices in multi-modal transportation, network planning and community design. Transportation funding priorities are set by an elected regional government (Metro) in cooperation with local cities and counties. Come hear from leading Metro and local government officials first-hand on how they take advantage of the system in Portland. According to Marcy McInelly, local host for the 2009 summit, Portland offers a chance to see how a regional network can be planned according to best practices but still encounter major challenges in implementation. The summit is a working meeting to see how the latest lessons from the “mecca of planning” can shape transportation reform throughout the country.

CNU members are on the cutting edge of transportation reform. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from fellow members and others in Portland!

Hotel and Travel Deals
The Summit will take place at the Nines Hotel, the official Transportation Summit hotel. A limited block of rooms is reserved at the special rate of $189, plus applicable state and local taxes. Please contact the hotel before October 15, 2009 to make your reservation and mention "CNU Transportation Summit" to obtain the discount rate.

Take advantage of discounted hotel and registration rates by signing up before October 15th, the last day of early registration. Make sure to mention the "CNU Transportation Summit" when booking your hotel accomodations to attain the discounted rate.




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