CNU Welcomes New Initiatives

Submit Initiative Proposals by Sept. 4, 2009

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Have a new idea for a CNU initiative? CNU members are at the forefront of advancing reforms to overcome obstacles to urbanism. From LEED for Neighborhood Development to the Walkable Urban Thoroughfares manual, New Urbanists have a long history of rolling up their sleeves to change conventional building practice in favor of more urban forms of development. As a member you are one of the movement’s strongest assets and we are looking for your ideas!

CNU has created a new submission process to help prioritize initiatives, add transparency of the process, and encourage more member-led ideas to become CNU endorsed initiatives. CNU welcomes submissions for initiatives from members on any topic, but especially those identified in the CNU 2007-2012 Strategic Plan.

A CNU Initiative committee will be reviewing initiative proposals this fall based on several factors, including coordination with the strategic plan, progress to date and momentum, volunteer dedication, national implications of the project, and existing commitments and funding. CNU has defined an initiative as member-led reform work that proposes a specific change in professional practice.

If you have a project, please submit a proposal that provides a detailed description to the questions highlighted on the CNU Initiative Form by Friday September 4, 2009. Please email your proposal to or mail it to CNU RE: Initiatives, 140 S. Dearborn St., Suite 404, Chicago, IL, 60603.

The benefits of submitting an initiative are:
  • Review and potential endorsement of your project as a CNU Initiative.
  • Connections with members, chapters, and partners.
  • Potential support from CNU in executing the project, including web presence, event sessions and space, volunteer coordination, chapter coordination, communication assistances and possible direct financial support.
  • Advancing the practice of New Urbanism.
Questions? Please contact Nora Beck at