Vibrant cities have a major economic payoff, says CNU plenary speaker Carol Coletta in this new CNU 17 video

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Many of the biggest issues of the day — climate change , obesity, economic recovery and broadened opportunity — run "right through successful cities," says Carol Coletta, President and CEO of CEOs for Cities and a CNU 17 plenary speaker. And it's a good thing they do, since vibrant walkable cities offer such potent solutions to these challenges.

In this CNU 17 video, Coletta shares highlights from cutting-edge research commissioned by CEOs for Cities. It shows that real estate prices have been more stable near strong vibrant urban cores. And that minor 1-mile-per-day reductions in per capita driving in the top -50 metropolitan areas will yield a $20 billion plus payoff — a continuing stimulus that's invested locally year after year. And preliminary results suggest a higher Walkscore translates into higher property values. "If that's the case... it will be a great case for the principles that are at the core of CNU, says Coletta.