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Charter Awards 2009 Honor the Urbanism the World Needs Now

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Where conventional sprawl generates enormous amounts of carbon emissions, erodes the bonds of community and strains the connection between cities and the rural areas that help sustain them, the revival of urbanism produces places of enduring delight, value, and resiliency.

CNU's Charter Awards recognize the best of that work. In doing so, the awards demonstrate how today's urbanism strengthens communities by creating the physical setting for rich public life and by working to connect people of diverse backgrounds with housing options, equitable transportation, and access to opportunity. In recognizing design and development that strives for sustainability without trivializing the complexity of urbanism, the awards demonstrate how urbanism is a remedy our planet needs—a vital way to green the American Dream.

CNU invites your submissions for its premier annual awards—whether the work is architecture, landscape, and urban design, or the publications, policies, plans, and codes that shape urbanism. Awards are selected by a jury of distinguished urbanists, led this year by Victor Dover, and judged on the extent to which they fulfill and advance the principles of the Charter of the New Urbanism. This year, submitters also have the opportunity to describe how projects advance the operating principles in the Canons of Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism, found at

Please help spread the word, especially to those whose urbanism and Smart Growth you admire.

Note: Because of the Dr. King Holiday and CNU's move up a floor, which interrupted telephone service, CNU is extending the Charter Awards submission deadline by one day. Entries must now be shipped or postmarked by Wednesday, January 21, 2009.

Find information and entry forms at