Touring New Urbanism in Denver with Next American City

A Sneak Peek at the Host City

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The U.S. has been experiencing an urban renaissance, and the Denver region is one of those places that captures the excitement of this new wave of urbanism. It's a fantastic setting for CNU 17—a place where visitors can experience first-hand great examples of the future of urbanism. From its vibrant downtown, to its new and expanding transit system—and accompanying TOD, to its TNDs and exemplary redevelopment projects, it is a place attendees should look forward to visiting.

You can get a taste of what you have to look forward to by reading Simmons Buntin's three-part photo tour series on New Urbanism in Denver in Next American City. Simmons' articles explore what defines New Urbanism as he tours through such examples as Stapleton, Bradburn Village, Lowry, Belmar, and Prospect New Town. Follow the links to begin your online tour.

Denver: America’s Great Urban Canvas, Part I
Denver: America’s Great Urban Canvas, Part II (A Temporary Sidetrack to Decide How I Decide)
Denver: America’s Great Urban Canvas, Part III

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