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CNU e-Update
August 2008

  1. Join CNU at Sustainable Communities 2008, Sept. 26 in San Francisco
  2. Registration Now Open for CNU's Transportation Summit, November 6-8 in Charlotte, N.C.
  3. CNU Announces Eighth Chapter: CNU Central Texas
  4. CNU Partners with Next American City, Metropolis, Places: Forum of Design for the Public Realm, and Journal of Urbanism to Offer Members Subscription Discounts
  5. CNU Call for Academic Papers
  6. Web Hub Provides One-Stop Guide to Recovery Issues and Efforts in Coastal Mississippi
  7. What's New @
  8. 8th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference: Building Safe, Healthy and Livable Communities, January 22-24, Albuquerque, N.M.
  9. WEIMARPOLIS Call for Articles
  10. Third International CEU Congress, Sept. 14-16 in Oslo
  11. Upcoming Courses from the Form-Based Codes Institute
  12. National Charrette Institute's Upcoming Trainings

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1. Join CNU at Sustainable Communities 2008, Sept. 26 in San Francisco

As top politicians call for more drilling and the Congress contemplates drawing down the national oil reserve, we thought you might appreciate a more substantive discussion on how to pull America away from its dependence on oil. Join us at Sustainable Communities 2008 for a discussion on how to transform our cities and towns into walkable, transit-supported neighborhoods.

Sustainable Communities 2008 will bring together leading innovators Sim Van der Ryn, Paul Hawken, Peter Calthorpe, Stewart Brand, Jerry Brown, Jacky Grimshaw, Judy Corbett and Peter Schwartz at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco on September 26, 2008, for a rare one-day seminar on the past and future of sustainable communities.

The incredible group of people featured at Sustainable Communities 2008 introduced and advanced many of the innovations that formed the backbone of the green building and sustainability movements beginning in the 1970s. They helped show that environmentalism must extend beyond quick technological or temporary fixes to encompass a comprehensive vision for human habitats -- sustainable cities and towns.

Now it's becoming clear again that our future depends on designing communities that help us overcome fossil fuel dependency and limit our global environmental impact. And it's becoming just as clear that California can lead the nation if it gets passage of SB375 legislation, implementation of AB32 and other key measures right. Participants in Sustainable Communities 2008 are the ultimate guides to the transformation we must make to move forward and thrive. Join them for this event's lectures and important interactive afternoon session devoted to the future of sustainable communities and the government policies that will support them.

A special conference luncheon, included in the full registration or available by separate ticket, will honor Sim Van der Ryn -- described by the New York Times as "the intrepid pioneer of the eco-frontier" -- with a CNU Athena Award, which is given to design and development leaders who laid the foundation for the current rediscovery of urbanism and community sustainability.

Visit the website at and register today to take advantage of the early registration member discount.


2. Registration Now Open for CNU's Transportation Summit, November 6-8 in Charlotte, N.C.

Registration is now open for CNU's annual Transportation Summit, November 6-8 in Charlotte, N.C.

The Summit is an opportunity for CNU's interdisciplinary coalition of architects, engineers, planners, elected officials, and community activists to work together and advance the practice of preserving, building, and redeveloping sustainable pedestrian-friendly communities as alternatives to sprawl.

The Summit will feature a combination of lectures and tours of Charlotte, including an overview from Andrés Duany on the first day, and small group work focusing on  network and places, modes, metrics, and emergency responders on the second and third days. The draft agenda (PDF) is now online. Early registration ends October 15.

For further information on the Transportation Summit's program, and for hotel and travel details, visit

Click Here to Register Now!


3. CNU Announces Eighth Chapter: CNU Central Texas

CNU is excited to announce its eighth local chapter, CNU Central Texas (Austin/San Antonio). The chapter will provide a local organization for new urbanists in Central Texas for education, outreach, and to organize around local issues.

CNU members are encouraged to join the Central Texas Chapter online at

Learn more about other CNU Chapters at


4. CNU Partners with Next American City, Metropolis, Places: Forum of Design for the Public Realm, and Journal of Urbanism to Offer Members Subscription Discounts

CNU is excited to offer a new benefit of membership providing discounted subscription rates for top magazines and journals covering the built environment. We've partnered with Next American City, Metropolis, Places: Forum of Design for the Public Realm, and Journal of Urbanism to help promote quality news and information about urban innovation. Read more below about these respected publications and the special offers for CNU members.

Next American City

Next American City is a national quarterly magazine about making cities better. It observes, documents and conceives realistic solutions about how to improve cities—how to ensure that future generations' lives are improved, and not made more dangerous or unnecessarily complicated by the decisions we make. In each issue of the magazine you'll find investigative features, thoughtful essays and interviews from the front lines of urban change and innovation. Pick up Issue 20 today to read about the woes of Amtrak, the alternative reality of Second Life and the philharmonic sounds of the youth in Milwaukee!

Next American City is proud to offer CNU members a discounted $20 subscription rate (reg. $29).


Metropolis has covered the designed environment for 26 years—from architecture to interior design, products to wayfinding, landscape design to urban planning—for an audience of design professionals. Its coverage ranges from conception to realization, from sketches to managing the building. Metropolis sees good design as a collaborative process that results in designs that are sustainable—kind to people and the environment—yet efficient and cost-effective.

Metropolis offers CNU members a discounted $25.95 print subscription rate in the U.S. (reg. $32.95). Intl. and digital discounts also available.

Places: Forum of Design for the Public Realm

Places: Forum of Design for the Public Realm focuses on issues affecting the design of neighborhoods, streets, and other public spaces that sustain our sense of community as well as our civic and social lives. Places articles are written by a diverse group of prominent designers, scholars and critics. The publication is renowned for clear writing, handsome graphics, and critical investigation of the issues that shape the built environment. Every issue contains thought-provoking debate about significant sites and works of design, book and conference reviews, profiles of grassroots and public projects, portfolios of photos and drawings.

Widely read by scholars, students, and practitioners in the fields of architecture, planning, design, government and more, Places is pleased to offer CNU members a discounted rate of $30 for a one year subscription (reg. $50), which means that CNU members receive over one free issue each year.

Journal of Urbanism

The Journal of Urbanism is a multi-disciplinary journal that focuses on human settlement and its relation to the idea of sustainability, social justice and cultural understanding. The content focuses on Urban Regeneration, New Urbanism, European Urbanism, Landscape Urbanism, Urban Sustainability, Smart Growth, Livable Communities, Transit-Orientated Development, Walkable Communities and more. It highlights research on the various concepts, methods and theories on creating an attitude of sustainability toward urban form.

Routledge is pleased to be able to offer CNU members a special print
subscription to the Journal of Urbanism for $45 (reg. $74).


5. CNU Call for Academic Papers

The Congress for the New Urbanism annually invites academic paper submissions for presentation at the Congress. Submissions are welcome on a range of issues and disciplines related to New Urbanism. Selection is based on the paper’s contribution to critical discussion and practice of New Urbanism and for synergies within sessions. Papers that incorporate the theme of the Congress, "Experiencing the New Urbanism: The Convenient Remedy," are especially welcomed. All papers are read and commented upon by at least two reviewers prior to presentation.

Deadline: December 1, 2008

For full details, visit


6. Web Hub Provides One-Stop Guide to Recovery Issues and Efforts in Coastal Mississippi

Knight Foundation, Sun-Herald and CNU partner to support 3rd-anniversary updates to

Three years after Hurricane Katrina's storm surge obliterated whole communities on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast, the story of the aftermath seems one of extremes. Worries over where and how to build and how much it will cost paralyze home owners and developers. Yet new businesses are flourishing and neighborhoods are reborn. Casinos are posting revenues beyond pre-Katrina levels. Yet employers are concerned they'll lose workers without more affordable housing.

Mississippi's struggles to re-imagine, then rebuild in a storm zone parallel the efforts of the country at large to face another perfect storm of crises in housing, finance, and environmental sustainability. In an important sense, Mississippi got to the future first, blown unprepared into a world where demands on individuals and governments increase as resources diminish.

The separate threads of all these stories weave through 11 municipalities and three counties along Mississippi's coastline. Pulling them together, making sense of the complexity -- or at least providing the components for an informed discussion -- are the tasks taken on by a unique partnership: The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, the Pulitzer-prize winning SunHerald newspaper, and the Congress for the New Urbanism.

[Read full story...]


7. What's New @

Here's a sample of what's happening at

CNU Salons: Buffalo Video Makes the Case for Teardown
Check out this video from the Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper reviewing the Southtowns Connector project in Buffalo NY. For more information about this possible freeway teardown project, see Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper and CNU's page on the Buffalo Skyway. [read more...]

CNU Salons: Architect to head Planning Agency. Philadelphia Mayor Nutter Makes Good on Pledge to CNU XV
Mayor Nutter, who has vowed to make urban design a priority again in Philadelphia, has picked Alan Greenberger to oversee the City Planning Commission, selecting an architect with planning experience rather than a career planner. [read more...]

Jobs and RFPs at
CNU's Jobs and RFPs page is updated regularly with new opportunities. Log in to post your own items. Students take note that CNU is currently seeking fall interns!

Events Calendar
CNU's public calendar is full of exciting learning and networking opportunities. Are you hosting an event? Log in to share it on our website.

If you haven't experienced yet, it's time for you to see what you're missing. Please take a moment to log into our site and learn about the features it has to offer. Please read our Login Instructions to get started.

Visit to learn more about the website.


8. 8th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth Conference: Building Safe, Healthy and Livable Communities, January 22-24, Albuquerque, NM

The New Partners for Smart Growth Conference has grown significantly since it began several years ago -- increasing in scope, attendance, and prestige -- and is now considered to be the "premier" smart growth conference held each year. The strength of this conference comes from the variety of participants and speakers who cross disciplines to share experiences and insights, and valuable tools and strategies to encourage smart growth implementation and "get it done."

The program will span three full days. There will be some pre-conference tours scheduled for Wednesday, January 21, but the main program will kick-off on Thursday morning, January 22 and continue through Saturday afternoon. The three-day schedule includes a dynamic mix of plenaries, breakouts, implementation workshops, specialized trainings, peer-to-peer learning opportunities, and coordinated networking activities. It will also feature exciting tours of local projects in the Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos areas, and many other interesting case studies from throughout the region. There will be something for everybody, from veteran experts to smart-growth novices, with over 100 sessions and workshops. Learn from hundreds of speakers who cross disciplines to share insights, valuable tools and strategies for making smart growth a success in your community.

Visit to get more conference details and to register for the conference!


9. WEIMARPOLIS Call for Articles

WEIMARPOLIS, a new online journal dedicated to urban theory and practice, invites you to participate in its first edition by submitting an article.

WEIMARPOLIS defines itself as a scientific and open-access platform; its overarching
programmatic approach is connected to the analytical and explanatory discourse in the tension-field of society and space; as well as to controversies and debates on the future of the urban in its historical, cultural, social and artistic dimensions. WEIMARPOLIS is an offer to face a chronically uncertain field of research in a multi-disciplinary manner. WEIMARPOLIS is a project of the Alumni Association, Alumni and Friends of European Urban Studies at the Bauhaus-University Weimar. The Association is an independent, non-profit and self-governing body which aims at enhancing research and debate in the field of urbanism.

For more information about WEIMARPOLIS, its editorial board and editors, as well as on guidelines for authors, visit

The deadline for notice of intention to submit is Sept. 15.


10. Third International CEU Congress, Sept. 14-16 in Oslo

Following successful congresses in Berlin 2005 and Leeds 2006, the Council for European Urbanism (CEU) will hold its third international congress in Oslo, Norway, Sept. 14-16, 2008.  Learn the latest from Europe and internationally on the rapidly-evolving topic of "Climate Change and Urban Design." What is the latest research from Europe and internationally? What are the policy consequences for urban development internationally? What are the new tools available to reduce climate gas emissions from urban settlements and transportation? What is in store for policy and practice?
The congress will welcome government officials, planners, architects, social scientists, ecologists, developers, local community activists, and all other development stakeholders from Europe and internationally, who feel a responsibility to contribute to more sustainable urban development.

Pre-registration for conference by June 1: €220 ($340).  After June 1: €250 ($390). Registration includes buffet lunches. Inquire about special discounts.

For more information, go to, or email Audun Engh, Conference Coordinator,


11. Upcoming Courses from the Form-Based Codes Institute

Save the date for the following Form-Based Code trainings. Visit the Form-Based Codes Institute website for more information and a full list of events.

FBC 101: Introduction to Form-Based Coding
September 26-27, 2008, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ
November 20-21, 2008, Oak Park, IL

FBC 201: Preparing a Form-Based Code – Design Considerations
January 8-9, 2009, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ

Registrations are being taken on the FBCI website:


12. National Charrette Institute's Upcoming Trainings

Visit the National Charrette Institute (NCI) website for details on upcoming trainings. Current CNU members receive a 10% discount on NCI registration fees for public trainings held in Portland. Please note that all NCI trainings in the United States will qualify for AICP credit hours.

New NCI Charrette System™ Certificate Training
- Olds, Alberta, September 24-26
- Chicago, IL, October 6-8
- Portland, OR, October 20-22

New NCI Charrette Management and Facilitation™ Certificate Training
- Portland, OR, October 23-24


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