Get the New Urbanist Development Edge

CNU XVI Offers Solutions in an Unpredictable Market

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As conventional development models falter — their stripped-down, single-use formulas proving insufficient for a challenging time of market disruptions and climate crises — New Urbanism offers a distinct advantage. New Urbanism has been tackling complex challenges for decades. Through the movement, work spanning finance and development, architecture and transportation comes together to foster real neighborhoods and sustainable larger communities.

New Urbanism yields development that is distinctive, livable, and lasting — not an everyday commodity. But even new urbanists need every advantage they can muster. Knowledge and best practices are chief among them, and you’ll find them at CNU XVI’s collection of up-to-the-minute development-oriented sessions.

One of the nation’s most influential experts on demographic trends and how they will shape development, Arthur C. Nelson of Virginia Tech, will tell CNU XVI participants about his predictions that the US will see a surplus of as many as 22 million large-lot single-family homes, and a shortage of housing in compact urban neighborhoods. Developer Katharine Kelley will share her perspective from the infill neighborhoods of Atlanta in this Friday afternoon session.

Exploring how retiring Boomers and the emerging Generation Y are fueling a multi-generational demand for urbanism will be urban designers Jim Kumon and Andrés Duany and real estate professionals Todd C. LaRue and Monte Anderson.
Pioneering new urbanist developer John Anderson will lead an experienced panel — the EPA’s Lee Sobel, Whittaker Homes’ design chief Tim Busse and Arcadia Realty’s Bill Geitema — in a detailed Saturday discussion of the best new urbanist strategies for weathering the current market turmoil and coming back stronger. The big Friday morning developer plenary will tackle ways to capitalize on the “competitive advantage of New Urbanism” with development visionaries Steve Maun, Greg Weaver, and Geitema.

And to capitalize on New Urbanism’s promise don’t forget to prepare for its unique challenges; don’t miss Todd Zimmerman, Bill Tucker, and Ward Davis on “financing the New Urbanism in the real world.” And Emily Talen leads a knowledge-packed panel exploring financing options for affordable housing in New Urbanism.