Welcome from the Mayor

Introducing our host city, Austin, Texas

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At CNU XV in Philadelphia, May 2007, Austin mayor Will Wynn addressed the attendees via video, introducing the host city of our next Congress, CNU XVI in Austin, Texas, April 3-6, 2008. Following is a transcription of the mayor's message:

"Thank you for allowing me to introduce CNU XVI to you. I am Austin, Texas, mayor Will Wynn. My degree and background is in architecture, I am a committed new urbanist, and I am really really excited to help host the CNU's 16th national congress here in Austin next spring.

"I think next year is a new opportunity to talk about New Urbanism in a fast-growing, young American city. As a composite, Austin, Texas, is the youngest, most educated, safest, and fastest-growing big city in the country. We have doubled in population every 20 years for over a century. So now we have to plan for doubling again. We have to figure out how were going to house a million more people in this town over the next 20- 30 years without having to resort to what has been some pretty bad land practices of sprawl. We are doing it at our own Robert Mueller Airport; we are doing it next door to the University of Texas campus; and we are really doing it here in our downtown.

"So on behalf of the citizens of Austin, I would like to encourage you to visit us next spring. We'll show you some good Texas hospitality. We’ll also show you a vibrant, growing city, and we look forward to having you in our town. Come see us."

To view the full video message, visit the About Austin page.