CNU XV Comes to a Close: Message from John Norquist and Coverage from the Congress

A Message from John Norquist

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CNU XV buzzed with excitement right up to the last session at which Ed Mazria and Scott Bernstein discussed the built environment's role in global warming. Can new urbanists save the world? Well we can sure help. Ed Mazria's electrifying call to action earned a standing ovation from the Sunday morning plenary audience. Ed reached out to urbanists to include our ideas in his Architecture 2030 Challenge. After all, reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a big job and neither we nor Ed can do it alone. Our new Strategic Plan (PDF), approved by the CNU board last Wednesday and presented to the Congress on Saturday, emphasizes the link between urbanism and sustainability, along with related priorities such as better engaging New Urbanism at the regional scale, removing professional and regulatory barriers to good urbanism, promoting the benefits of New Urbanism strategically, and supporting member-based efforts. And for more on how urbanism is a convenient part of the solution to Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, here is a link to my OpEd published in the Philadelphia Inquirer on the first day of the Congress.

Much thanks to the Philadelphia Host Committee led by developers Sam Sherman and Jason Duckworth. They did everything asked of them and more. The tours, organized by Paul Horning, had rave reviews, and CNU experienced a huge breakthrough doubling the number of exhibitors from any previous Congress. Jennifer Hurley, Tom Comitta, and Sandy Sorlien all went out of their way to welcome the NU world to Philly. Speaking of welcomes, Gov. Ed Rendell and the next great mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter addressed the Congress. As did Rep. Barney Frank and our long time friend the Deputy Prime Minister of Great Britain John Prescott.

Among the new speakers at CNU XV was Professor Eric Dumbaugh of Texas A&M who presented hard data on the safety of narrow urban streets compared to wide roads with large clear zones. His analysis is compelling and we will soon post it on so new urbanists can use it to win street design fights at home. CNU XV takes its place as one of our best congresses and I want to once again thank our team of Philadelphia volunteers who worked so well with Sandrine Milanello, Heather Smith, and all the staff at CNU.

John Norquist
President and CEO of CNU

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