Seaside Institute Seminar: Developing New Urban Communities

Seaside, Fla., Dec. 7-9, 2006

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The Seaside Institute's upcoming seminar, Developing New Urban Communities, will focus on the elements of the development process – design, financing, permitting, infrastructure, retail/town centers, working with contractors, affordable housing options and homeowner associations.

We will study projects ranging from resort communities and public private initiatives to developments using production building. The seminar will focus on major challenges and lessons learned. Participants will also take part in a faculty-driven, hands-on project design workshop, will be taken on guided walking tours of local projects, including a tour of Seaside with Town Founder Robert Davis, and are encouraged to take part in question and answer sessions with the faculty.

This is a fine opportunity to advance your knowledge of the New Urbanism, explore a few of the unique developments along Florida's Emerald Coast and realize lessons learned from other successful communities around the country. You will take back the skills needed to help transform your cities, towns and neighborhoods.

For more information and to register, please visit
or call (850) 231.2421.

AIA accreditation will be available.