Election Season Web Votes!

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The Katrina Cottage has been nominated in the first-ever Peoples Design Awards from Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. Visit the site to vote for your favorite design by October 16.

Also, just for election season fun, visit the Backbone Campaign website and consider a world of the future where the principles of the Charter drive national policy. CNU Board Chair Hank Dittmar and CNU President John Norquist have been nominated for the Secretary of Transportation in the site's "fantasy cabinet." CNU co-founder Andres Duany and board member Roxanne Qualls are also in contention for HUD Secretary. Visitors to the site can vote for progressive leaders to serve as a virtual administration. Visit the Backbone Cabinet to vote!

John Norquist will also be featured on Conversations with the Cabinet, a weekly podcast show from Backbone Campaign, on Monday, October 23.