CNU 19 Round-Up

Nearly 1200 Attend CNU 19 in Madison; Crowned "Best Congress Ever"

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Although CNU 19: Growing Local has officially concluded, the buzz of the event continues.

Many of the nearly 1200 attendees in Madison were overheard saying this was the best Congress yet. From the stirring Opening Night Plenary from William Cronon, to the interactivity of the Open Source Congress, to the challenges brought against New Urbanist orthodoxy by conservative economist Ed Glaeser and Landscape Urbanism leader Charles Waldheim, and to the numerous lively, debate-inducing, idea-generating, and city-saving sessions held throughout the four-day affair, CNU 19 solidified the Congress' place as the premier venue for spearheading the conversations that inform the design and shape of our communities.

Relive the entire Congress by reading the archive of the CNU 19 live blog, re-watch the action with First & Main's CNU 19 Daily Show, and see below to witness the historic presentations of Charles Waldheim and Andres Duany in the Closing Plenary.