Registration Open for CNU-New York Chautauqua Retreat

New Urbanists Convene in October for CNU New York Retreat

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Registration is now open for CNU-New York's Retreat at Chautauqua. CNU-New York invites you to come to Chautauqua to meet the activists, developers, professionals and local officials who are leveraging the region’s resources, infrastructure and setting to uncover diamonds in the Rust Belt.

Who should go?

  • Activists interested in smart growth, sustainable policies and practices
  • Architects
  • Planners interested in smart code and context sensitive solutions
  • Developers interested in financing and marketing the best projects
  • Local officials, in New York State and nearby states and provinces
  • New Urbanists from all over the country

...And anyone interested in the redevelopment potential of regions such as:

  • Upstate New York
  • Northern Ohio
  • Lower Michigan
  • Western Pennsylvania
  • The Great Lakes region

Chautauqua is a lakeside resort community, over 100 years old, southwest of Buffalo. Chautauqua was an inspiration to the first generation of New Urbanists in their search for traditional town plans. Expect a relaxed program with plenty of time for conversation, organizing and networking, featuring marquee speakers, as well as local activists and professionals. This is an opportunity to learn about New Urbanism and get involved in the region where CNU will convene its annual Congress in 2014.

The retreat will run from Friday, October 12 (11:00 AM) to Sunday, October 14 (12:00 PM) at the Athenaeum Hotel in Chautauqua, New York.  Register at for advanced purchase discounted registration.

[Image: Tom Wolf, courtesy of the Athenaeum Hotel]