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The Charter of the New Urbanism places a special emphasis on the region, recognizing each region's uniqueness and the need for a tailored approach to implementing New Urbanism locally. CNU chapters provide a local framework for collaboration to restore individual metropolitan areas into coherent regions. They bring the principles of the Charter home, translating them for the local context and providing new ways to take part in the movement through public and professional education and networking.

CNU member dues include membership in your local chapter, if there is one in your area. Chapter Organizing Committees and Interest Groups do not have separate membership programs. Visit the membership page to join CNU.

What chapters can do for you

  • Help you meet colleagues who understand the challenges of building in your region
  • Share information about policies, resources, and best practices in the region
  • Teach the public in your area about New Urbanism, broadening the movement's support
  • Provide tailored educational opportunities that respond to local concerns
  • Amplify your region's voice to the national movement

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Students for the New Urbanism

Chapter Corner will feature dispatches from CNU's individual chapters around the country. Hear firsthand about what others are doing to instill New Urbanist principles into their neighborhoods, cities, and regions.
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