Challenge Accepted! CNU Chapters Race Toward CNU 20

CNU-FL Wins First Chapter Challenge Award to Increase CNU Membership

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In July 2011, CNU announced the Chapter Challenge - a series of three contests aimed at bolstering CNU membership.

The first contest was designed to reward the Chapter with the highest increase in raw member numbers. The second contest focused on the Chapter with the highest percentage increase in membership size. And the final contest, "The Go-Getter" award, is to honor the Chapter with the most activities held between July 2011 and May 2012.

Chapter leaders readily took up the challenge, and every Chapter has made great progress towards increasing their members, size and activities.

As CNU prepares to award the winners of all the Chapter Challenges, congratulations are in order to CNU-Florida, winner of the Challenge contest to increase their raw number of members. CNU-FL's base grew from 186 members in July 2011 to 251, current as of April 4, 2012. As a reward for their efforts, CNU-FL won five four-day registrations to CNU 20 in West Palm Beach, FL.

CNU-Central Texas came in second place for the raw number increase challenge, with an increase of 32 members. And in third place, CNU-Cascadia grew their membership by 21 members.

The noteworthy leaps in membership represent Chapter leaders' hard work and effort in communicating the vitality of the New Urbanist movement to an ever-expanding audience.

On May 12, CNU will announce the winners of the next two prizes at CNU 20 in West Palm Beach. For the highest percentage increase in membership, the winning Chapter will gain eight free urbanist memberships. For the "Go-Getter" prize, the Chapter will win a trip from John Norquist and a CNU board member to their area.

Best of luck to all the CNU Chapters as they cross the Chapter Challenge finish line in May!