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CNU Cascadia advocates conservation, preservation, sustainable development and redevelopment actions in the Cascadia region which support neighborhoods and communities to be diverse, pedestrian oriented, accessible, vibrant and environmentally responsible.

CNU Cascadia is a group of 100+ planning, urban design, public sector, real estate development, and architecture professionals. Reflecting our uniquely diverse bioregion of maritime coasts, river plains, mountain ranges, and high deserts, the CNU Cascadia promotes sustainable urbanism at all scales from the region to the neighborhood, down to the street, the block, and the building. By building walkable, diverse, mixed-use urban neighborhoods as alternatives to suburban sprawl, the CNU has always emphasized reduced energy consumption and healthier communities. CNU is at the forefront of addressing climate change through more sustainable urban development and the Chapter’s mission supports these efforts.

CNU Cascadia holds annual regional Summit to support conversations around sustainable placemaking. Our first Summit as an official Chapter was held in 2011 in Portland OR

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CNU Cascadia
PO Box 12437
Seattle, WA 98111


CNU Cascadia is an all-volunteer organization which relies on our sponsorships to support our programs. If you are interested in making a difference throughout the Cascadia region, and in your own community, please contact Erin at>.

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Board of Directors:
Erin Christensen (President, Seattle),
Jeff Owen (Vice President, Portland),
Sean Hodgins (Temporary Treasurer, Vancouver),
Sandy Howard (Seattle),
Bill Lennertz (Portland),
Laurence Qamar (Portland),