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Streetfilms Takes on Highway Removal with CNU's John Norquist

The latest edition of Streetfilms' "Moving Beyond the Automobile" series takes a look at Highway Removal.

CNU's John Norquist sets the stage:


Spotlight Shines on William Cronon

As we reported here just a few days back, William Cronon - University of Wisconsin–Madison history professor, author of Nature's Metropolis, and

John Norquist to Speak at Northwestern University Summit on Sustainability

The Northwestern University Summit On Sustainability (NU SOS) is a conference that calls on college students and sustainability leaders to think critically about their work while building a community to advance social justice and sustainability.

Eye on the Street: March 28, 2011

Today's "Eye on the Street" entry comes from Chris Whitis of

Whitis points his eye towards Charlottesville, VA's main drag.



New Urban Mom

One of the great benefits of New Urbanism is how its design principles foster greater community engagement and conversation. A wonderful site from Sharon McMillan,, illustrates this tenet in action.

William Cronon, CNU 19 Opening Plenary Speaker, Shapes the News

Alongside works such as Donald L. Miller's City of the Century and Bessie Louise Pierce's voluminous A History of Chicago, University of Wisconsin–Madison professor William Cronon's Nature's Metropolis is one of the definitive texts about the historical and natural forces behind the shaping of Chicago, and as a result, modern America.

Big Dig West Conversation Ratchets Up

The Battle in Seattle continues. Standing tall with Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, CNU has been at the forefront of the fight in opposition to the $3.1 billion bored hole tunnel that is slated to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Over the last week, the conversation has ratcheted up, with a flurry of op-ed pieces and articles appearing that support either side of the aisle.

Eye on the Street: March 21, 2011

Today's "Eye on the Street" entry comes from CNU-member Michael Lewyn.

Lewyn says of his pic: "A residential street in Buckhead- what a difference sidewalks and trees together make!"


Get Your CNU-Accreditation NOW!

In partnership with the University of Miami School of Architecture, CNU has developed a certification program for members that distinguishes them as CNU-Accredited. CNU-A is an impressive way for members to highlight their expertise and knowledge of New Urbanist principles and stand out among the many planners, architects and designers in the marketplace.

Who is ALEC? Professor William Cronon answers...

Who is ALEC? Professor William Cronon, featured speaker at this year's upcoming CNU 19, answers that question while breaking down the current political tides overwhelming Wisconsin.

Register for CNU 19 now to secure your spot to hear Cronon speak in Madison!