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Young, Educated, & Urban - a guest post by Sharon McMillan, the New Urban Mom

Sharon McMillan is the voice behind The following is a guest post from her and examines the urban-minded values that have been instilled in the emerging Millennial generation:

Vibrant Cities, Urban Forests

When most people hear the phrase "urban forest," images of places like New York's Central Park or San Francisco's Golden Gate Park come to mind. Those great green places are indeed part of the urban forest fabric, but equally important to a city is the way it treats its everyday spaces with green infrastructure.

Takin' It to the Streets, Part I: "Not Too Deadly"

Armed with a speed gun and a working knowledge of what it takes to make streets safe, CNU's Heather Smith recently set out on downtown Chicago to check the speeds of mid-morning traffic. Follow along as Smith catalogs the speed of westbound traffic on Chicago's Adams St.

INTBAU-TAG Queen Square Statement

The following comes direct from the INTBAU website :

Eye on the Street: April 4, 2011

CNU-member Art Cueto contributes today's entry of "Eye on the Street."

Photo of: A tree along Los Angeles City Hall Mall. Says Cueto, "Placing these trees in planters must have seemed like a good idea 40 years ago."


Archeworks Now Accepting Applications

The following post comes from our friends at Archeworks. Archeworks is a Chicago-based multidisciplinary design organization  dedicated to envisioning and advancing a better quality of life through design. See below for information regarding their upcoming open application process for their 2011-12 program.

Grab Your Pencil and Calendar...

CNU 19: Growing Local schedule is up and live on the CNU 19 site!

Roads Aren't the Problem. It's Hidden Cost and Design.

Let's get certain things out of the way. As much as it may pain some to hear, roads are not the problem. Some esteemed writers have even posited that "yes, we do need to build more roads." It's a loaded statement, out-of-vogue in current urbanist circles, no matter what type of data may back up such claims.

Making the Case for Urban Agriculture

The following article is a contribution from K. Rashid Nuri, the founder of the Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture in Atlanta.

Beware! Data-fudgers from Detroit Might "Steal" Your Car in Milwaukee

This past February, a website called issued a report on the Top Ten U.S. Neighborhoods for auto theft.