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Stephen Coyle's Sustainable and Resilient Communities

Sustainable and Resilient Communities: A Comprehensive Action Plan for Towns, Cities, and Regions, the first book from Town Green-founder Stephen Coyle, is a hands-on, sleeves-up text that provides explicit prescriptions for how to fundamentally create the foundations for successful places.

Vitter Stands Up for Charity

Louisiana Republican David Vitter recently sent out a strongly worded letter expressing concern over the continued difficulties facing the rebuilding of Charity Hospital in New Orleans.

Deadline Extended for AuthentiCITY: The Madison Design Competition!

Good news regarding the AuthentiCITY competition:

John Norquist Heads to Alabama for a Road Block

John Norquist is in Birmingham, Alabama today to help RETHINK280the organization fighting the proposed $800 million expansion of U.S. 280 with the construction of a 10-lane Atlanta-style freeway from the Elton Stephens Expressway to Dolly Ridge Road.

CNU 19 Salons: Join the Discussion.

Over the years, CNU has perfected the art of urban-related conversation at our Congresses. CNU provides forums that are lively, fun and engaged. This year, the Salons take on an exciting new format that includes both project critiques and the chance to discuss some of the most pressing urban-related issues of the day.

Eye on the Street: April 25th, 2011

Today's "Eye on the Street" captures Heather Smith as she puts

 her eye on the street to capture the speeds of vehicular, bicycle,

and pedestrian traffic moving down State Street. 

 Ben Schulman(photo credit: Ben Schulman)


Two-Stepping with the Feds on Earth Day

As noted on the CNU Facebook page earlier this week, the one-step-forwards-one-step-back dance with the Feds continues. Last Friday, one foot was put forward when news emerged that HUD’s Sustainable Communities Initiative would retain $100 million in the final CR for FY2011. Included in the budget is $70 million earmarked for regional planning grants and $30 million for Community Challenge planning grants. This is a great example of federal mindfulness taking note of positive outcomes that can be spearheaded in times of austerity.

An Update from Seattle: Forget the Tunnel!

Could saner skies be clearing over Seattle? The Seattle Department of Transportation, in conjunction with San Francisco-based consulting agency Nelson Nygaard, has released a report concluding, amongst many other things, that the proposed tunnel project is unlikely to be the best and most cost-effective way to reduce and relieve congestion.