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Dive into the Discourse: Seattle’s Tunnel vs Viaduct vs Surface+Transit Debate: The latest analysis from Nelson\Nygaard

Come visit the tables during the Salon Presentations at CNU 19, being held between 8 and 10pm on Thursday, 6/2.

Check the Salons web page for the full slate of topics to be explored. Today's featured Salon Presentation:

Seattle's Tunnel vs Viaduct vs Surface+Transit Debate: The latest analysis from Nelson\Nygaard

Featured 202 of the Day: John Nolen’s Lessons for New Urbanism and Beyond

CNU 19 in Madison is next week! Finalize your plans, and pick out your schedule today.

Looking for a tour/202 combo to attend on Wednesday?

Witold Rybczynski on "Bringing the High Line Back to Earth"

The High Line design may look good, but as Witold Rybczynski writes in the NYT article linked below, this form of landscape urbanism is highly suspect as a long-term and viable solution for most cities, now looking to emulate. Will Duany and Waldheim discuss similar topics at the CNU 19 Closing Plenary this year?

Public Record: Exploring 19th-century Pittsburgh through poetry, technology, and crime.

Cities are labs for the senses. They creak, crack, twist, turn, and are built upon layers and layers of history. Many urban explorers - such as Dan Hill of City of Sound, the folks behind 99% Invisible, and (ahem, excuse the plug) projects like the Contraphonic Sound Series- have been putting their ears to the City to hear what pops up.

Magical Mystery Tour

"When a man buys a ticket for a Magical Mystery Tour, he knows what to expect."


But does he really, John? Ringo? Does he? Take the Mystery Tour to CNU 19:

John Norquist on "The Big Picture"

John Norquist was recently the guest on South Carolina Public Radio's The Big Picture. In an in-depth interview with host Mark Quinn, Norquist offers insights on everything from tax policy to maintaining strong urban form, in relating how to capture, retain and maximize the value of places through good urbanism.

Click on the banner below to listen to the first part of Norquist's interview, and stay tuned for parts two and three coming shortly:

Suburban Slums and the New Urbanism Antidote- a guest post by Sharon McMillan, the New Urban Mom

Sharon McMillan is the voice behind The following is a guest post from her that examines how New Urbanism can act as a catalyst to reinvorgate and revitalize the moribund slums of suburban sprawl:

Takin' It to the Streets, Part III

Armed with a speed gun and a working knowledge of what it takes to make streets safe, CNU's Heather Smith recently set out on downtown Chicago to check the speeds of mid-morning traffic. This episode finds Smith braving the wide-open terrain of Wacker Dr., where "there's very little in the way of getting cars to slow down in terms of the built environment."

Stay tuned for more episodes of Takin' It to the Streets, and click through below to watch:

Takin' It to the Streets, Part III: "Faster on Wacker":