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CNU Public Square a Smashing Success - Goes on Hiatus till Next Round

Ideas have been congregating in full force at the CNU Public Square, as there have been over 225 submissions and suggestions to help shape CNU 20.

At present, the Call for Ideas at the Public Square is now closed for a brief hiatus as we sort through the details. Stay tuned for more information to emerge shortly, check out the ideas already submitted, and continue to voice your feedback on General Suggestions for CNU 20.

Eye on the Street: June 20, 2011

A stroll in Florence. Nothing else needed.











The North Carolina Senate's Big Act

Although Governor Bev Perdue - a Democrat - now heads North Carolina, one would hardly equate the Tar Heel State as a capital of big government. In the land of states' rights, logic would seemingly dictate that the North Carolina state legislature would allow for local municipalities to operate free from interference.

The High Line Brought Down to Earth: Chicago's Bloomingdale Trail

It's been exactly one month since Rahm Emanuel assumed the mayoralty in Chicago, and already pedestrians are beginning to feel the Mayor's presence on city streets everywhere.  Emanuel has given free reign to new CDOT commissioner Gabe Klein to introduce a series of measures in envisioning a more multi-modal, accessible, and interactive city whose streets serve a variety of functions.

Eye on the Street: June 13, 2011

Today's Eye on the Street comes courtesy of CNU member Art Cueto. Cueto says: "Mission street, South Pasadena, Ca. Urbanism, at it's best, isn't old or new - it's timeless."





Joel Kotkin's Jihad on Logic

In some urbanist circles, the name Joel Kotkin prompts groans and grimaces.

What's the Bright Idea? CNU 20's Call for Ideas

With an amazing outpouring of fresh and innovative ideas from a broad cross-section of individuals young and old alike, CNU 19 was one of the more memorable Congress events in recent memory, and one that will prove hard to forget.

Retrofitting in Real Time: Randhurst Mall Looks Towards a New Tomorrow

Randhurst Mall, the mid-century, tomorrow's-future-today design of modernist architect Victor Gruen, is undergoing a sea-change in its life. The  Mt.

Good Design Knows No Politics

Reconnecting America premiers its video series of interviews with some of the top minds and leaders at CNU 19. Watch as John Robert Smith discusses the need to move beyond partisanship to address infrastructure needs:

Livestream of Closing Plenary with Andrés Duany and Charles Waldheim

For those of you not in Madison for CNU 19, be sure to click through on the banner below to catch the livestream of the Closing Plenary with Andrés Duany and Charles Waldheim: