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NoLa's Superblock, Mega-Hospital Hits Snag in Development

Plans for the development of LSU's University Medical Center superblock site have hit a considerable snag, as JP Morgan Chase & the hospital governing board have pulled their application for federal mortgage financing. Without backing via HUD/FHA Section 242 Mortgage Insurance, it seems as if LSU's grand plans are headed back to the drawing board.

Tom Low of DPZ Checks In

The indefatigable Tom Low - he of the recent Charlotte Magazine profile - checks in with CNU from the current EPA Stormwater Meetings.

Where Do We TIF From Here?

Chicago is perhaps the best place in the country to see the impact, both good and bad, that Tax Increment Financing districts can have on a city. TIF districts - those peculiar redevelopment schemes that hold the line on current property taxes within a designated area, and then funnel all future property tax increases straight back into redevelopment (as opposed to financing basic public services) - were nearly always on standby during Mayor Richard M. Daley's tenure.

Sneak Peek of CNU 19 Webcasts - "Public Space Design in Europe, the Middle East, China, and South America"

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Eye on the Street: July 6, 2011

"Urbanism is about creating good places for people rather than cars." - Art Cueto. Photo of Claremont Village West, Claremont, CA.





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CNU Voices Featured Heavily in New York Times' Room for Debate Blog

The recent New York Times article "Across Europe, Irking Drivers is Urban Policy"  has sparked a series of follow-up debates on the Times' Room-for-Debate blog.

Eye on the Street: June 28, 2011

Ken Kay points his lens towards the Calatrava-designed Milwaukee Museum of Art, during John Norquist's recent "A Mayor's View of Milwaukee" CNU 19 tour. 








Tune In to CNU 19

Looking for a way to watch all of the amazing videos that have come forth so far from CNU 19? 


TIGER II Tug-o-War

The following is a guest post from Anstress Farwell of New Haven, CT. Farwell is the President of the New Haven Urban Design League and has been involved with plans to revive downtown New Haven by removing the Oak Street Connector. Read below for more: