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Putting the "Urban Development" back in HUD

William Tuyn is the Vice President/Director of Town Planning for engineering and construction firm, GPI/Greenman-Pedersen, Inc., and an integral member of the team behind CNU 22 in Buffalo. The following is a guest post relating Tuyn's thoughts on CNU's FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Reform initiative.

"Why Al Gore Is Off Base Criticizing President Obama as Timid" - John Norquist Contributes Op-Ed to US News and World Report

In an exclusive piece for US News and World Report, John Norquist questions Al Gore's recent criticisms against President Obama's environmental policies. Read it now.


Eye on the Street: Wednesday, August 17, 2011

From Art Cueto comes this pic of a bicycle service station, on the campus of Stanford University.







CNU's Summer Reads

Although the past week has brought some cool August nights our way in Chicago, summer is still in full swing here at CNU HQ.

Eye on the Street: Monday, August 8, 2011

It's been a long, hot summer in Chicago. Hot enough that even a winter view of a street in Chicago's Ukrainian Village seems like a nice respite. Today's "Eye" comes from CNU's very own Nora Beck.

"With a heat index of 102 degrees, I'm remembering when my neighborhood street was covered in snow. Here's a shot showing how much narrower my street could be! Look at all that space for a bigger tree area or a wider sidewalk!"




A Perfect Summer Eve: CNU-Illinois Leads a Successful Tour Along the Bloomingdale Trail

A beautiful night, an amazing turnout, and an elevated railway ready for remediation were all that was needed for an incredibly successful CNU-Illinois led event last night.

Tufte, Twitter, and Chicago White Sox Slugger Adam Dunn: Friday Fun Stats

It's no secret that CNU'ers love to mine all sorts of data. And there is no greater prophet of visualizing data than Edward Tufte.

It's also no secret that many members of the CNU Staff have an unyielding love of perhaps the best game ever to grace the planet - baseball. Particularly, the stylings of the Chicago White Stockings Baseball Club of the American League.

The Center for Applied Transect Studies Joins CNU-A Cont Ed Provider Program!

Late last week, we announced the launch of the CNU-A Continuing Education Provider Program, an expansion of the available continuing education options available to CNU-A members.

Steve Coyle : "Back in the US, Notes from the West Bank"

Update 09/09/11: The following is an update from Donna Baranski-Walker on the West Bank charrette Steve Coyle helped lead earlier this year:

Eye on the Street: August 2, 2011

From CNU member and photog extraordinaire Art Cueto: "Sharing the road in Southern Cali. 2nd Street, Belmont Shore, Long Beach, CA."