CNU XVI: New Urbanism and the Booming Metropolis

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Austin, Texas, April 3-6, 2008

This archive seeks to record the proceedings of the Congress as well as pass on its lessons. Browse the sections below to see what you missed or to revisit your favorite sessions.


CNU XVI in Austin kept nearly 1,500 attendees engaged for three and a half days (and evenings), working on and learning about solutions to climate change, household gasoline dependency, and troubled real estate markets. By the time the event concluded, attendees had a clearer understanding of the part played by walkable, mixed-use urban development in reducing carbon emissions and in providing long-term value amid volatile real estate markets.

CNU also advanced new plans to promote these solutions. Assuming the position of board chair at the Congress — after five years of distinguished service by Hank Dittmar that saw CNU’s membership expand, chapters multiply, and influence on development patterns grow — Ray Gindroz, the pioneering urbanist long-associated with both Urban Design Associates and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, presented to the Congress a framework for an effective CNU climate change initiative.

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