2012 Transportation Summit FAQ

When and where is the 2012 Transportation Summit?

This year’s Summit is taking place September 9-10 at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel (111 East Ocean Blvd) in Long Beach, California.

Pro Walk/Pro Bike® is also taking place in Long Beach. Are the events related?

Though they are separate events, CNU’s Transportation Summit will collaborate ideas with the The Pro Walk/Pro Bike® 2012 Conference, which takes place September 10-13.

How much does registration for the summit cost?

Registration is $250 for CNU members, and $300 for non-members.  If you would like to attend the Pro Walk/Pro Bike® conference as well, you can register at a special rate of $595.

Are there discounts for registering early?

There is no early registration fee for CNU’s Transportation Summit. 

Are there any sponsorship opportunities?

Yes! For more information on sponsorship opportunities, please click here

Are there hotel deals for discounted lodging?

Check here for hotel information. A limited number of guest rooms at the Renaissance have been set aside for conference/summit participants from September 8th through September 14th. This extended range of dates provides the flexibility to secure guest room reservations at conference rates both before and after the conference (September 10 – 13).

Who attends CNU's Transportation Summits, and how many?

Summit attendees include professionals within the engineering, planning, policy, design and advocacy fields who are passionate about transportation reform. Past summits have attracted around 100-150 people.

Why should I attend the 2012 Transportation Summit?

The summit will be a place to facilitate the exchange of ideas and lessons between New Urbanists and bike and pedestrian planners. Join us to challenge the status quo of transportation engineering and advance the practice of new urbanist street design.

What is the schedule and format of the Transportation Summit?

Please see the 2012 Transportation Summit DRAFT Agenda (PDF) for a detailed schedule and agenda for the summit.  The format will be a combination of small group work covering specific topics (see below) and the convening of groups to present reports and recommendations.

What are the 2012 working groups?

Working groups include:

Transit Networks- Gary Toth and Phil Erickson

Highways to Boulevards- Caitlin Ghoshal

Transportation Reform Modeling- Norm Marshall

Regional Policy and Functional Classification Reform- Rick Hall, Mathew McElroy

Transportation Reform Research Agenda- Wes Marshall

Bikeway Networks- Mike Lydon

Street Vitality Index- Johanna Bye, Joseph Readdy

What are the goals of the Summit?

Over the day-and-a-half meeting, working groups will compile a cohesive to-do list for the future, as well as an immediate work plan for the next year.   

How can I prepare for the summit? 

Please review all of CNU's initiatives within the Project for Transportation Reform in preparation for the meeting.

Where can I find information about past Transportation Summits?

CNU held yearly Transportation Summits between 2002 and 2009. Past programs, presentations and sponsors can be found on our website here.

I'd like to rent a bike for my time in Long Beach? Can I?


The Long Beach Bike Station is at 110 W Ocean Blvd.(between Ocean and Seaside), Long Beach, CA 90802
This is less than a block from the Renaissance, the Convention Center, and the Hyatt Regency. 

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Oscar Gandara is the Facilities Manager and Membership Coordinator. His email is: ogandara@bikestation.com